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After 6 months of patience, the Sun began to break through the sad, cold winter blues

What is this KAPOW thing?

That's C.A.P.O.W with a 'C'. It is an open source comic publishing tool

C.A.P.O.W. was created by Ket Majmudar (t: @ketan)

C.A.P.O.W stands for Comics: Accessible Online Publishing WebEngine, and is a project designed to empower and enable creators, professional and independent. Allowing a semantic digital markup system to be used to deploy and present responsive storytelling, sequential art/comics through standard web technologies

C.A.P.O.W will enable you to create custom layouts based on devices (eg iPad/Tablets / Mobile devices), create multi-lingual text, provide partially sighted users with the ability to listen to your creation and more.

Thanks to Greg Pak (Check out Vision Machine!), Mozilla, Reading Geek Night, Thought Bubble, Alex Fitch, Pablo Defindini & Mark Waid for your support and encouragement